Caring For Wool

Freshen up:

Wool is a naturally breathable material which allows any moisture it picks up to dissipate. This means you can luckily get away with washing it less than other types of materials and less washing prolongs the lifespan of the wool and is better for the planet. So before you try washing , hang your blanket outside for a couple of hours on a dry day to refresh.

Spot Treat:

If you notice a stain on your blanket, try spot treating with a small amount of wool soap. To do this, wet the spot and then gently work in the soap in to the stained area. Remove soap and dirt with a cloth that does not leave lint behind. Instead of using sponges and paper towels try a soft towel or a pillowcase. Be sure to remove all soap reside by dampening the cloth and repeating the process.


When wool fibres become loose they can form little balls or pills. This is a direct result of friction so the more you use your wool, the more likely it is the pill. The good news is that pilling is easy to take care of with a depilling comb, also known as a bobble remover. Glide the comb in one direction over the target area to leave renewed yarns behind.

Washing And Drying Wool:

Machine Wash: Ideal for Recycled Wool, possible for Lambswool

Most wool cannot be washed in a machine due to the heat causing shrinkage and loss of shape, but thanks to the 30% landfill-saved fibres in our recycled wool blankets , the dense, twill weave stays tight and only gets softer with each wash. Ensure to separate darks and lights and add wool soap (*fabric softener is optional) to the washer draw rather than direct in to the drum. If your machine has a wool wash option we recommend using this selection. If not, run a 30 degree or less cycle with the lowest possible spin. We cannot guarantee that every machine will be able to wash a blanket without problems.

Storing Wool:

The best way to store your blanket is to fold it in to a breathable container, like a cotton storage bag and place in a dark and dry place. Clean your blanket before storing in order to prevent moths. You can always place some natural moth repellant in to the container with your blanket.


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