Easy Autumn Styling Tips

Here at Ivy&Bee autumn is our absolute favourite of the seasons! We love decorating our home for the start of cosy season, there's nothing quite like coming in from a chilly walk to the warmer embrace of an Autumn-dressed home.

There are many places around the home to experiment with styling, whether it be around a fireplace, an alcove, entryway or coffee table. Check out our tips to help you create your own cosy retreat.

Channel the Colours

This season's colour palette is one to fully embrace. Adding simple, muted accessories is an easy way to to compliment the seasons natural earthy tones. Berry colours are in this autumn, from deep reds and purple hues to succulent blackberry blues. These shades can be introduced in to the home with the use of berry coloured church candles, warm blankets, or a deep red wine tablecloth to really set the mood.

Wrap up Warm

The days are getting colder and an extra layer in the evening isn't always going to cut it. Now is the time to add some chunky blankets and woolly throws in to your bedroom and living spaces. Choosing them in natural colours such as oatmeal (our Natural Herringbone throw by The Tartan Blanket Co. should do the trick!) will keep that autumn feeling, whilst changing out the curtains for a heavier material will also add an abundance of warmth and drama to a room, with the added benefit of lowering those heating bills!

Add some Spicier Scents

Our sense of smell plays a big part in our home (afterall it's one of the first things visitors and guests pick up on) so it goes without saying that candles are the easiest way to create an autumn ambience. Swap out the summery scents of coconut and florals and look for fragrances that offer more earthy notes such as caramels, cinnamon and vanillas. 

And finally, the Props!

Whether it's the sumptuous velvet pumpkins (or real ones of course for the entryway), delicate tree branches displayed theatrically in your favourite vase or bowls filled with seasonal fruits, tastefully decorating for autumn is all about the accents. Keeping it easy will help to transition from season to season, whilst using pieces that inspire that hygge home feeling.


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