Creating an Outdoor Space -- Written by Charlie Galsworthy @Hollybushhome

When creating my perfect outdoor space, I wanted to bring the inside out. By creating a cosy, comfortable and stylish space but with the benefit of sitting out in the sunshine, or in the evening under the star light. Using a variety of beautiful furnishings and entertainment to create a place for all the family to benefit and enjoy.

Firstly, choose furniture which suits the space to create your seating area, for example, a good size and fit - sofas, chairs and stools always sit nicely around a coffee or dining table and are ideal for entertaining and having somewhere to eat or drink.
Sun loungers are also a fantastic choice if you like to have a spot to relax and chill in the sunshine or perhaps to sit down with a good book.

I love to use lots of soft furnishings and accessories, such as cushions, throws and outdoor rugs to help give that cosy feeling. Throws and cushions bring a softer feel whilst also providing warmth to the area, and are also great to throw over your knees if you are staying out when the temperatures may drop. You can also use candles and potted plants around the your space, or on the table to complete the finishing touches to the vibe you’re creating.

Outside Catering is also important for your space, with BBQ’s and pizzas ovens often a great choice. Cooking outside is a great way to entertain and also prevents you having to go back and forth to the kitchen, plus who doesn’t love a BBQ or a freshly cooked pizza?! We use our BBQ as many months as possible, so it was important to have this easily accessible and ready to use.

To help create that cosy space you can use a parasol or cover to not only help with creating a shaded spot in bright sunshine, but to create a more closed off feel so it doesn’t feel too exposed.
I also recommend having a chimenea or a firepit for those darker nights. It's nice to sit out by to get cosy and warm but still entertain, which is lovely by firelight.

When entertaining your family or friends it's always lovely to have a Hot Tub or spa, they are great fun for all, are so compact and easy to use making them perfect for all weather.
If you’re spending even more time outside which we do in our household, then a home cinema projector is a fantastic addition, not only to watch movies with friends and family, but with so many options too like sports, football matches etc, they're ideal for any evening entertaining and for making the most of outside.

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