Styling an Antique Dresser -- Written by Georgina Curnow @harrietaliceathome

Nothing makes me happier than when I'm faffing with flowers or interior styling! Here are a few top tips of mine to help you style a dresser unit in a kitchen or dining room area.....

If you use the rule of three you generally can't go wrong! Grouping items in three's and using three types of main materials, such as glass, crockery, wood

A colour scheme is always effective, I've used white, blue's and brown's

Dresser styling

Start by placing your larger items on the shelves but not in symmetry

Add height and interest by placing items on top of one another or piles of differing placements/materials

Add glassware and smaller items

A framed piece of art adds interest behind your styled storage

Think different textures which can also add further interest

I added a few dried flowers & wheat sheafs. Dried foliage would work fabulously too

Lastly finished with a rustic candle

Don't forget the key if you have one, this should ensure your cabinet/dresser stays styled for longer!!

Happy Styling!!

Antique dresser tips

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