The Power of Three

When it comes to home-styling three is most definitely the magic number and can be a powerful tool when decorating your home.

Whether it's cushions, candles, books, or ornaments, grouping odd numbers together in a similiar colour palette but with different shapes, sizes and textures is visually appealing and forces the eye to move around the display.

Have you ever scrolled through a beautiful social media account, or flicked through a home magazine and wondered how some people just seem to have a knack for creating effortlessly beautiful arrangements? Chances are they're using the Rule of Three!

So next time you're styling your shelves or faffing with the coffee table display, remeber of the Rule of Three and give it'll have a beautifully styled home in no time!

 *Tip - We love incorporating some natural elements in to our styling such as some greenery or handpicked hedgerow flowers to soften and enhance the pieces we have selected. 


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